Read My Hips!

Suffering Needless Pelvic, Limb, or Back Pain? Time to Check your Alignment!

By Wolf Schamberger

In over 80% of adults, the pelvis and spine are out of alignment. The abnormal stresses created can affect every part of your body, in particular the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Low back pain is one of the most common complaints. This book, written with both the lay person and healthcare workers in mind, starts by outlining some basic anatomy to help you understand how your pelvis and spine function when you are in alignment and what happens when things go wrong. It then describes some easy ways to recognize and treat the three most common ways the pelvis goes out of alignment before outlining the “malalignment syndrome” – the typical changes and complaints associated with two of these presentations – and how the problems caused by malalignment can result in unwarranted investigation, misdiagnosis, and inappropriate and sometimes even harmful treatment. After discussing the impact of malalignment on various sports, it finishes by outlining a comprehensive treatment approach, aimed at achieving and maintaining your alignment, that makes use of appropriate complementary techniques (e.g., acupuncture, massage, IMS, prolotherapy injections) and encourages your participation in the day-to-day treatment process to achieve lasting results.

Reviews of "Read My Hips"

“It is amazing to me that malalignment issues…can literally impact every body system. I am also shocked that malalignment is rarely considered as a diagnosis by medical doctors. This book is a wonderful resource for lay people and physicians alike.”
 L.C., nurse

“When I read the book, it made ‘sense’ to me, based on my experience with my pain, my myriad of confused doctor visits (confused doctors and confused me), no one really getting to the root of the problem, and my intuition. It is logical: The body compensates and it is obvious when you know what to look for…Simple, subtle, yet the book is empowering.”
–L. O., secretary

“The knowledge contained in this book is currently lacking in the medical field. Physical therapists never taught me how to self-assess my alignment and certainly did not teach me how to self-correct – even when I asked them! I can’t afford, nor is it realistic, to see a PT every week for the rest of my life to fix a problem I can easily treat myself or seek help for in a timely way.”
–B.H., sales

“Finally, in layman’s language, a clear explanation of the cause and effect relationships between joint and back pain and being out of alignment. Hopefully this understanding will bring an end to the merry-go-round of therapies focused on treating the symptoms, not the cause.”
–G.C., teacher

“I’m a lifelong runner and have had hip alignment problems since I was a teenager. Not coincidentally, I’ve experienced most of the usual running injuries along the way. Being able to recognize and correct malalignment in my body has allowed me to manage my health and continue running – and even racing – well into my fifties. This book contains everything you need to know (and then some!) about malalignment and how to deal with it. I wish this material had been common knowledge forty years ago.”
–C.M., lawyer

“I have had a long history of back pain, caused by malalignment since I was nine years old. Different types of treatment were tried over the years, but these provided no more than short-term relief. With Wolf’s assistance, I have learned the importance of pelvic alignment for long-term stability, and understand how to manage and significantly reduce my back pain by using simple methods of self-correction, along with physiotherapy treatment when required. I know both professional practitioners and patients will greatly benefit from the knowledge in this book.”
–T. T., engineer

CLARION REVIEW (Rating: 4 out of 5)
Read My Hips! is a comprehensive health book about spinal and pelvic misalignment. [This] eye-opening health guide…identifies frequent pelvic and spine misalignment manifestations and their effects; it also suggests specific treatment options…Clear and well-labeled diagrams and…photographs…are valuable when it comes to understanding how the pelvis work, the causes and issues related to malalignment, and practical exercises for correcting and treating malalignment…Straightforward language and unambiguous explanations also make the material accessible.

“Dr. Schamberger has written one of the most important biomechanical evaluation books of our time. Pelvic obliquity is often overlooked as the source of chronic spinal, hip, and knee pain.” -Dean Kotopski, Physiotherapist and Speaker, Performax Health Clinic