By Wolf Schamberger

​Suffering Needless Pelvic, Limb, Or Back Pain? Time To Check Your Alignment!

Read My Hips!

By Wolf Schamberger

Suffering Needless Pelvic, Limb, or Back Pain? Time to Check your Alignment!

This book, written with both the lay person and healthcare workers in mind, starts by outlining some basic anatomy to help you understand how your pelvis and spine function when you are in alignment and what happens when things go wrong. It then describes some easy ways to recognize and treat the three most common ways the pelvis goes out of alignment before outlining the “malalignment syndrome” – the typical changes and complaints associated with two of these presentations – and how the problems caused by malalignment can result in unwarranted investigation, misdiagnosis, and inappropriate and sometimes even harmful treatment.

The Malalignment Syndrome

By Wolf Schamberger

Diagnosis and treatment of common pelvic and back pain

Lack of appreciation and knowledge of the malalignment syndrome often leads to a failure to notice the possible aetiological or predisposing factors contributing to many musculoskeletal problems. Recognition of the syndrome by physicians, chiropractors, osteopaths, podiatrists, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, sports trainers and others dealing with patients and athletes (including equine) can help them implement appropriate treatment and training to correct the malalignment and actually prevent the initial occurrence of symptoms.